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In 2012, I took over the post of Rallymaster for the Brit Butt Light 12-hour motorcycle photo rally / treasure hunt.

Prior to that it had been excellently run for the previous 3 years by Robert Roalfe (GrimRider).

The Brit Butt Light was designed as an introductory 12 hour rally, for those who perhaps felt that diving straight into the 36 hour Brit Butt Rally might be a bit much, or for those who wanted to get a low-cost taster of rallying. Any surplus from the Rally has traditionally been donated to charity. Grim originally supported the Air Ambulance. When I took over I decided to split the proceeds equally between the Air Ambulance (you never know when we might need them), and Animal Lifeline (a local-to-Stoke animal charity). The Brit Butt Light now has a younger sibling - the Iceni Rally, due for its first running in September 2015 - an 8-hour photo rally/treasure hunt, based in East Anglia.

So, the full set of IBA UK rallies is:

The Iceni Rally, run by Mark Fowler - 23rd September 2017, 8-hour rally.

The Brit Butt Light Rally, run by myself - 22nd July 2017, 12-hour rally.

The Brit Butt Rally, run by Steve Eversfield - 27th/28th May 2017, 36-hour rally.

For information on the previous Brit Butt Light Rallies, please follow the links above - you'll find a bit about the theme of each rally, a list of the bonus locations, and a note of the top 3 finisers. There will also be some examples of bonus photos. They are all currently "Under Construction" so please check back to see how they are progressing!

The 2017 Brit Butt Light will take place on Saturday 22nd July, 2017, starting at 8.00am "somewhere in Stoke-on-Trent". Its title - Four Wheels Bad, Two Wheels Good.  Entries open on 31st January 2017!


The Rally entry fee will be £25 for riders, and £35 for rider and pillion - this covers a meal and the presentation, and any surplus will be split equally between the County Air Ambulance and Animal Lifeline - both very worthwhile causes. You can find the entry details at the link at the top of the page.


Last year a total of £440.00 was raised, split equally between the 2 charities - a big thank you to all who took part!


Created: 19 November 2012 by Rick Allies

Last modified: 04 July, 2017