Brit Butt Light - What we do with your personal data


As part of the rally entry process, we collect a certain amount of personal data from you.

The Brit Butt Light Rally is the data controller.

All data is stored in accordance with the latest GDPR regulations. This gives you certain rights, including the right to have your data deleted, and to see what data we hold on you.  Please see the ICO website for full details of your rights.

Your data is used to administer the rally you have entered.  In addition, your e-mail address may be used to contact you after the rally in the event of any discrepancy, or if the rally master needs to contact you for any reason.  It may also be used to contact you regarding future Brit Butt Light Rallies (but only once each year).  Beyond this, your data will not be shared, unless it is a legal requirement to do so, except as noted below.

Your name, make and model of motorcycle, and the name of the rally will be shared with IBA UK, in order that you may be included on the "Roll of Honour".  You can opt out of this should you wish to do so.

Created: 22 April 2018 by Rick Allies

Last modified: 22 April, 2018